8 Facebook Groups for Local Marketing Agency Owners To Join

Are you looking to join the best Facebook Groups for local marketing agency owners? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are just getting started with a marketing agency or have been running it for while, it can be challenging especially with numerous updates taking place in the digital space.

If you have questions or face any challenges in certain areas, you are not alone. There are others who face similar issues and post their concerns on various social media platforms!

Listed below are some of the best Facebook groups for local marketing agency owners to learn, share and engage with other like-minded individuals.

Note: Before getting into the list, take note that most marketing groups get you to respond to some simple questions before you are allowed to join the group. It’s a mechanism to ensure they create a community of active members who can contribute towards keeping the group free from spam and malpractices.

Local Marketing Institute Connect

  • Topics Discussed: Local SEO, Google Business Profile, Reputation Management
  • Group Type: Public
  • Number of Members: 2,000+

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This is a public group managed by Eric Shanfelt who also has a blog and a podcast dedicated to helping local businesses grow through effective and ethical digital marketing. The group has some interesting discussions relating to local search / SEO, Google Business Profile, Facebook Ads, online reviews, email marketing, social media, websites, online advertising and more.

You can use this group to ask any specific questions relating to any of the topics mentioned above. 

Local Client Takeover

  • Topics Discussed: ​​​Local SEO tactics, Digital Marketing Agency Strategies, Google My Business and Google Maps optimization.
  • Group Type: Private
  • Number of Members: 28,500+

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This group is ideal for those who want to learn, discuss, and improve upon their wealth generated from servicing local clients. The members here share tried and tested methods to land local clients, grow the agency and serve local businesses with better services.

Job postings are allowed in this group. So if you have a vacancy in your marketing agency that you would like to fill, you can post over here and expect a good response too.

​​​​Local SEO Strategies & Google My Business Help with Tim Kahlert

  • Topics Discussed: ​​​Setting up and Optimizing Google Business Profile verification, Google Business Profile support, GBP Help & Local SEO Strategies & Tactics
  • Group Type: Private
  • Number of Members: 42,500+

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If you’d like to learn local SEO strategies, this group is a good place to start. You could connect with members coming from various backgrounds, sharing tips and insights on topics including but not limited to Google Business Profiles, local SEO, Google Maps, and helping local businesses rank higher on searches.

It’s a great knowledge-sharing platform that also actively engages with other like-minded local agency owners across various niches. 

Google Business Profile & Local SEO Tips Group

  • Topics Discussed: ​​​Google Business Profile, Local SEO
  • Group Type: Private
  • Number of Members: 19,000+

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This Facebook Group is specifically for Local Marketing Agency owners and owners of local businesses who want to learn more about improving their rankings on Google Business Profile (GBP). 

The group was created to overcome the problem of Google’s official support desk being slow to respond to various questions. The objective of this group is therefore to create a helpful community – sharing knowledge of problem solving and guides for local businesses.

From setting up GBP, to optimizing the listing, to ranking high on Google Maps, there are great resources shared on this group relating to these topics. It’s also a great place to get help and have questions answered relating to Google Business Profile from experts in the field.

Digital Marketing Agency Success

  • Topics Discussed: ​​​Digital Marketing, Running an Agency, Business Strategy, Online Marketing, Local Marketing
  • Group Type: Private
  • Number of Members: 10,000+

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This group is especially useful for those who are new to the digital marketing space and wants to gain insights on starting up a marketing agency. 

It offers its members tips, hacks and information relating to setting up an agency from scratch, building the core offering, growing in a scalable manner and more. 

It’s also a great opportunity to learn from peers offering similar services across various industries. This will also open up doors for potential collaborations, partnerships or even filling up any roles within your agency that you may need help with.

The engagement in this group is quite high and you are likely to get an answer for most types of questions that you post relating to digital marketing.

Digital Mavericks

  • Topics Discussed: ​​​Digital Marketing, Sales Process, Agency Growth, Online Businesses
  • Group Type: Private
  • Number of Members: 11,800+

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This group serves as a social learning platform where the admin and its members share valuable lessons on various topics relating to starting, running, managing and growing a digital marketing agency.

Though it’s not specifically tied to a local marketing agency, there’s still quite a ton of value that you can gain from the resources shared in this group. 

It’s focused more on sharing materials on mastering the essential business skills and practices it takes to run a successful marketing agency. Some examples of topics that are mostly discussed here include handling sales objections, managing client relationships, preparing winning proposals, mastering the sales mindset etc.

CXL – Conversion, Optimization, Analytics & Growth

  • Topics Discussed: ​​​Conversion Optimization, A/B testing, Analytics, Reporting
  • Group Type: Private
  • Number of Members: 16,500+

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The members of this group provide great feedback on website optimization and conversion best practices. Most discussions are on topics relating to tracking and reporting, using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, conducting CRO audits etc.

Members also share valuable resources that are recommended for you to improve your skills in marketing, conversion rate optimization, agency growth and sales.

The Admin Bar

  • Topics Discussed: ​​​Wordpress, Agency Tools, Web Design, Web Development
  • Group Type: Private
  • Number of Members: 5,100+

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This group predominantly shares insights and resources relating to best practices on designing and developing a website. There are discussions relating to various website builder tools such as WordPress, Webflow etc. 

However, there are other important topics that you as a marketing agency owner can benefit from. These include building sales funnels, building client relationships, improving the sales process etc.

Productized Community

  • Topics Discussed: ​​​Productized services
  • Group Type: Private
  • Number of Members: 5,700+

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This is a bit tangential to the rest of the groups mentioned above, however, I’ve included this in here because there is a trend towards running local marketing agencies by adopting the productized services business model.

If you want to learn more about how to package your local marketing services and offer it to clients as a productized service, this group has some great resources that you can learn from.

From building the core services, promoting it and scaling your agency, this group has discusses it all.

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