The Ultimate GoHighLevel Review: Is It Worth the Hype in 2023?

If you haven’t already heard, GoHighLevel is a new and improved marketing solution that aims to integrate essential local marketing tools under one comprehensive software. 

This GoHighLevel review looks at its different features and determines how they can help marketing agencies build and scale their business.

In fact, I personally tried this platform in January 2022 but wasn’t too convinced given their closed ecosystem and lack of integrations with the other tools that I was using at the time. 

I found certain features quite restrictive and didn’t have the best user experience, especially considering that I wanted to offer this for my clients to work on.

However, I decided to give it another shot a year later and I was definitely impressed. Their new features like the “SAAS mode” and “AI Automation bot” have caught my attention.

I can now confidently say that it stands out as one of the premier All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platforms on the market. 

How to get started with GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a subscription-based platform that helps marketers and agencies in elevating their marketing campaigns to new heights. 

It has been crafted to generate more leads, secure additional sales, and expand your customer base.

It is built and designed FOR marketing agencies where you can create an agency account and manage your own marketing campaigns across multiple clients.

To get started with GoHighLevel, you must register for a 14-day free trial and create your agency account. 

Once you sign up, you can build sales funnels, create websites, integrate a chat widget, set up a robust CRM, automate email marketing, manage reviews, set up memberships, and sell online courses all within a single platform.

Who is GoHighLevel most suited for?

GoHighLevel is suited for marketers and agencies as it promotes it as an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. 

However, its features can also benefit other professionals and educators too.

Let’s look at this in more detail.

Marketing agencies

As noted above, GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform and as such, it’s designed for marketing agencies who can benefit from all of the features it provides.

Consider marketing agencies that have local service businesses as clients. They can use GoHighLevel to create sub-accounts that represent each client and bill them using the SAAS mode configurator.

Marketing agencies need to manage leads, clients, and campaigns across multiple clients and projects. 

GoHighLevel provides a centralized dashboard for managing all client information, as well as tools for lead capture, appointment scheduling, and automated follow-up communications. 

This makes it easier for agencies to manage all of their clients and projects in one place, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Service-based businesses

Businesses that provide services, such as home repair, cleaning, or landscaping services, can use GoHighLevel to manage their leads and appointments, send automated follow-up messages, and keep track of their customer information.

One of the key benefits of using GoHighLevel for local service businesses is the ability to manage appointments and scheduling. 

The platform includes appointment scheduling tools that allow businesses to set up their availability and enable customers to book appointments online. 

This can help reduce phone calls and emails related to scheduling, freeing up time for the business to focus on other tasks.

An important point to note:

During our GoHighLevel review, we realized that it may not be suitable for everyone. 

It is not designed for blogging and is not recommended for large eCommerce stores with many products and pages. 

However, it can be a good match for small eCommerce shops with one or two products, or for dropshipping and physical product sales with a sales funnel. 

Other platforms such as WordPress and Shopify may be better suited for blogging and for larger eCommerce stores respectively.

GoHighLevel Features: A deeper look

According to the GoHighLevel website, its all-in-one marketing platform can potentially save you up to $1,200 per month by replacing the popular software you use to fulfill certain features.

GoHighLevel Review 2023
GoHighLevel: All-in-one Marketing Solution

In this section, we will look at the most prominent features of GoHighLevel and what we think is most valuable for local marketing agencies like yours.

Whitelabel Service Offering

With the white label option, every feature mentioned below can be offered to your clients under your own brand name. 

This feature is designed specifically for marketing agencies who want to resell the platform under their own branding.  

You will need the Agency Unlimited plan, which will allow you to create unlimited sub-accounts representing each client and set your own prices to sell the software.

With the Whitelabel offering, you can:

  • create and setup a custom domain;
  • customize the desktop app with your logo, branding, and colors;
  • create a custom mobile app (at an additional charge).

Additionally, with the SAAS-mode configurator, you can also configure custom packages depending on the features you decide to include under each one.

CRM & Pipeline Management

One of the core foundations for capturing, nurturing, and closing leads is a fully-integrated CRM and GoHighLevel offers this for you.

It provides a platform in which you can easily interact with prospects, follow up with them, nurture them, and eventually convert them to paying clients.

Each lead will have an opportunity attached which allows you to grasp a snapshot of the pipeline value across different stages.

This coupled with GoHighLevel “Workflows” will you help build an ultimate sales machine for your clients.

BONUS TIP: You can integrate with various lead-capturing tools and integrate it with GoHighLevel CRM to add as an opportunity.

For example, if you have a WPForms or GravityForm added to your WordPress website, you can use Zapier to automate any new entries to create new opportunities in GoHighLevel CRM.

Calendar & Appointment Setting

The Calendar tool from GoHighLevel empowers you to streamline your appointment scheduling process with automation. You retain control over your calendar by setting the availability for booking appointments and managing it effortlessly from the GHL dashboard.

Using the GoHighLevel Calendar, you can create an appointment booking page and integrate it seamlessly into your website with a widget. Additionally, you can automate actions triggered by calendar events.

Nurturing Campaigns

GoHighLevel allows you to build nurturing campaigns very easily with the use of its Workflows feature. This is a very important feature that is most often overlooked. 

A well-executed lead nurturing can result lead to a 33 percent reduction in cost per lead, according to Forrester Research. 

You can create email and SMS templates which can then be used within Workflows to create a lead nurturing automation that will be sent across several days/weeks depending on your requirement.

Usually, it’s best to have multiple touchpoints for each lead and GoHighLevel offers many ways to get in touch with them.

Nurture leads with engaging conversations and emails

Landing Page & Funnel Builder

If you are running paid campaigns (either through Google Ads or Social Media), you are probably going to need to build dedicated landing pages.

GoHighLevel provides everything you need to build a fully-fledged funnel that will help you capture the relevant information from the leads, and take them through marketing automation. 

It features a built-in funnel builder that is user-friendly and allows you to create a complete marketing funnel for your clients, including landing pages, forms, and more. 

The pages built with HighLevel are mobile-responsive by default, but you can easily optimize elements for desktop and mobile separately. You can also hide or show different sections depending on the device.

As an agency, you could use the same funnel steps for multiple clients – which is possible by saving them as “Snapshots”. You can also import funnels from ClickFunnels directly into the builder if you needed to.

You’ll also have access to the native Stripe integration that can help you build checkout pages for local businesses that want to sell any product or service.

HighLevel also lets you install a live chat widget on your funnels and add dynamic texts that pull data from forms to display personalized content, which can help increase conversion rates.

Reputation Management

With GoHighLevel, you can offer your clients the option to easily send review requests and manage their online reputation across multiple profiles (such as Google & Facebook).

By integrating with the Google Business Profile, you or the client will be able to respond to reviews within the GoHighLevel platform and also monitor for any negative feedback.

One other feature that is currently available only in the US is the ability to integrate Yext to add and manage listings. This is especially useful if you’re offering clients to build citations.

Marketing Automation

Many local service businesses can benefit from a robust marketing automation strategy. Including this in your list of marketing agency services can therefore be a huge plus!

GoHighLevel Workflows allow you to create unlimited and smooth automated processes using campaigns and triggers, make use of tags to nurture every lead, and thereby optimize your advertising budget. 

You can also build dynamic conditional workflows easily in the Workflow section.

For instance, you can send automated emails or SMS when a lead books an appointment with your client.

BONUS TIP: Integrate with 3rd party apps to trigger workflows on Zapier using the “Webhook” action item.

Call Tracking

This feature helps you analyze your calls for better campaign organization. The call log is categorized, making it easy to retrieve essential information.

With Go High Level, you don’t have to be an expert in call tracking as this feature comes included with your account. By tracking calls, you can easily determine how effective your campaigns are.

Here’s a video that will guide you through the process of using the call-tracking feature.

Smart Lists

This is a fairly new feature that I decided to include in our GoHighLevel review.

Smart lists provide an easy way for you to organize your contact lists, keeping them dynamically updated and triggering actions only for the contacts in the smart list.

These lists allow you to filter your contacts based on a wide range of available conditions and copy them to a separate list. 

For instance, you can create a smart list of contacts without an email address but with a phone number. This list will automatically update whenever a new contact is added without an email address but with a phone number.

You can then trigger a workflow for this list via a text message or voice call to request their email address.

As you would notice, combining this feature with workflows will provide you with numerous possibilities, making contact and list management both powerful and well-organized. 

Other available filters include age, pipeline stage, city, last appointment, last activity, and more.

GoHighLevel Pricing

Surprisingly, the GoHighLevel pricing is quite competitive considering the features that it provides.

You can select the plan that offers the most important tools and begin using them. One great benefit of using Go High Level is that they help you streamline your marketing tools into a single platform, which can save you money. Let’s explore all the available options.

14-day Free Trial

You can try out GoHighLevel for free for 14 days. Simply go to their website and provide some basic information, such as your name, email address, and phone number to register for an account.

From there, you will choose between the Agency Starter Account and the Agency Unlimited Account.

Once you’ve registered your account, you’ll be asked to provide your credit card details, but you won’t be charged immediately.

If you don’t cancel your subscription within 14 days, you’ll be charged the cost of the plan you selected for your trial.

During the 14-day trial period, you’ll have access to all the features included in the pricing tier you chose. This will give you a chance to evaluate the system and see if it can benefit your organization.

Agency Starter Account ($97/month)

If you’re new to marketing and just starting out, the Agency Starter Plan is the ideal choice. If you want to test out the features for a client and play around with GoHighLevel, you will find the plan useful.

This tier provides access to most of the system’s functionality for a single firm.

You’ll have access to all the essential tools, and the plan also includes access to Twilio’s GoHighLevel API for two-way messaging. Additionally, you can create a Mailgun account that allows you to send unlimited emails (ideal for email marketing).

The Agency Plan provides a single account login that you can use for yourself or a client, but you won’t have access to unlimited sub-accounts until you upgrade to the Agency Unlimited Plan.

Agency Unlimited Plan ($297/month)

The Agency Unlimited Account includes all the features in an Agency Starter Account along with the ability to create unlimited subaccounts.

This means, you can create as many accounts as you need for your clients and other businesses, and you can even create a branded desktop application. 

The Unlimited Account for Agencies is an excellent choice for organizations of any size. It allows you to create a unique customer experience and provides valuable features to help you manage your business.

Agency Whitelabel ($497/month)

Don’t let the name of this plan confuse you. This basically refers to having the option of creating a white-label mobile app and also a Zapier integration.

You can fully customize the Whitelabel mobile app with your company name, which allows your clients to track marketing campaign results.

Additionally, the GoHighLevel team will create a branded Zapier for your brand to give your agency a fully branded look. 

However, note that the white label feature is not available as a standalone plan. You need to have an Agency Unlimited Account to access it.

Is GoHighLevel any good?

In this GoHighLevel review, you’ve seen how this system can help you service local businesses as it encompasses all the essential features it needs to dominate online.

With their integrated CRM, you can create campaigns and funnels to convert more leads into customers while tracking everything in one place.

That said, GoHighLevel is an excellent choice for marketing agencies, local businesses, consultants, sales professionals, and B2B companies seeking an all-in-one system. 

If you have a high-touch sales process that involves phone calls, text conversations, social media interactions and more, GHL is a better option than other funnel builders and marketing platforms, as it has been specifically designed to help sales teams close more deals.

Using GoHighLevel can help you retain existing clients, expand your customer base, and increase your profits. If you’re looking for a marketing and sales platform to help you with running your lead generation business, GoHighLevel could be the ideal solution for your business or agency.

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